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This page originally appeared on Vernacular Photography and was conceived of as an unusual and rather tongue-in-cheek way of offering a variety of summer related images for sale.

In retrospect, I believe that the page says something about the universal and interchangeable nature of vernacular photographs.  People tend to take pictures of the same subjects whether it be family members, family events, a new car, etc., etc.  The players may change, but the subjects remain the same.




This summer I did a lot of really neat stuff.  My father bought a new car.  It's a maroon Buick and we went a lot of places in it.

buick.jpg (10072 bytes)

(Anonymous snapshot. Buick. 3 1/4 X 4 1/2 inches. $20.00)

 Dad took my sister and me  to the zoo where we got to pet some of the animals.  Not the really ferocious ones of course.

 sheep.jpg (20949 bytes)

(Anonymous snapshot. 3 1/4 X 4 3/4 inches. $25.00)

 We also drove to Newport Rhode Island which was very nice.
newport.jpg (26131 bytes)

(Anonymous. Beach & Electric RR. Newport R.I. 5 1/2 X 8 1/4 inch albumen print with surface marks. (SOLD)

My  dad really liked driving this car so we continued on to Massachusetts.  I know that we went into the mountains because we rented a boat and did a little camping for two days.

channel2.jpg (32903 bytes) 

(John R. Hogan. Choosing A Channel. 1956. Exhibition label on verso. 
13 X 16 inch toned silver print.--$2200.00)

 Then we went on to Marblehead where I got to see some more neat boats.

marblehead3.jpg (24109 bytes)

(John R. Hogan.  Marblehead Morning. 
12 X 14 inch toned silver print.--$1500.00)

I really do love looking at boats especially sail boats.

sailboats.JPG (60311 bytes)

(Anonymous. Sailboats. 8 3/4 X 7 inch hand colored silver print. $125.00)

On the way, we did stop at a lake somewhere but I'm not really sure exactly where it was.  I know that we went swimming in it with some other kids.  It was very nice. 

(Anonymous 2 3/4 X 4 1/4  inch snapshot. $30.00)

lake.jpg (16145 bytes)

It was very hot a lot of the time so we spent a lot of time at the beach.  Sometimes I would just go with my parents and my sister, but other times we would go with  some of our friends and relatives.  Some of them looked Ok in bathing suits and some of them didn't. There was a place nearby where a photographer had a small studio with beachy backdrops.
woman and shells.JPG (6950 bytes) My family would stop in on occasion to have a picture taken.  Sometimes they did it in front of those backdrops.  I really liked those backdrops a lot.

(Three Anonymous 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 inch Tintypes. SOLD: (1) Woman With Shells & Lighthouse Backdrop. (2) Two Bathers;   (3) Four Bathers.

2bathers.jpg (15381 bytes)     4bathers.jpg (17580 bytes)

They all looked like they were ready to go into the water and some of them actually went into the water even though it was sometimes very, very cold

maud.jpg (15128 bytes) 

(Anonymous. 3 1/2 X 4 1/2 inch trimmed Real Photo Postcard. Some surface marks and damage. Writing on verso. Sold)

beach.jpg (18563 bytes)

(Anonymous. At The Beach. 3 1/2 X 4 1/2 inch albumen print. Sold)

and some of them never ever did. 

4bathers.jpg (17928 bytes)

(Anonymous Real Photo Postcard. 3 1/2 X 5 1/2 inches. $25.00)

bathing.jpg (68555 bytes)

(Brown Brothers. Bathing 1895. 5 1/2 X 7 1/4 inch silver print with some surface marks. $75.00)

I guess that they just liked spending a lot of time on the sand. 

womanonbeach.JPG (136995 bytes)

(Anonymous. Woman On the Beach. 4 1/2 X 6 1/2 inch hand colored silver print.  $50.00)

 My two favorite aunts used to come with us all the time.  They really liked the beach.

bathingsuit2.JPG (22449 bytes)      bathingsuit1.JPG (31867 bytes)

(Edgar Fought. Two 7 X 9 1/2 inch hand colored silver prints.  Sold. )

But, no matter what, everyone  always had a very good and happy time on these outings.

chicago.jpg (19470 bytes) (A.W. Straight. Real Photo Postcard. Sold)      

mary.jpg (19630 bytes)

(Anonymous. Real Photo Postcard. Sitters ID'd on recto. $20.00)

My gramps usually spends the summer at Coney Island.  A lot of his friends go there and he likes it a lot.  He often sits on the boardwalk or the steps and watches the people.  That's him with the moustache, hat, and suspenders.

coney.jpg (31245 bytes)

(Laci Hussar. Coney Island. Ca. 1930's. 4 1/2 X 6 3/4 inch silver print. $350.00)

 We also went to Atlantic City for a couple of days, 

(Brown Bros. Atlantic City. 6 X 8 inch silver print. Some tears, dings and surface marks. $175.00)

 ac1.jpg (24390 bytes)

I really liked seeing the people walking along, especially when they used umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun

promenade.JPG (44453 bytes)

(Anonymous. The Promenade. 6 1/2 X 9 1/2 inch gelatin silver print. Sold)

We also got a chance to spend some time at Asbury Park.  I liked boating and swimming. 

ap1.jpg (21865 bytes)   ap2.jpg (21461 bytes)   ap3.jpg (18365 bytes)

ap4.jpg (20152 bytes)   ap5.jpg (18703 bytes)   ap7.jpg (23687 bytes)

ap6.jpg (21871 bytes)

(Asbury Park. Albumen Stereo Cards by Stauffer. $40.00 each)

One night, mom showed me this really, really, really old picture of her grandparents and her parents when they were kids a lot younger than me now.

tintype.jpg (20383 bytes) 

(Anonymous tintype. 2 1/2  X 3 1/2  inches. Some damage. $35.00)

The one on the right that got rubbed out is my great-great grandmother. The little girl holding the pail is my gramma.  They come from England and used to go to the beach a lot too. 

My mom has some other beach pictures which she showed me.  Some of their beaches were a whole lot  fancier than ours 

seasideresort.JPG (37451 bytes)

(Anonymous. English Seaside Resort. 5 1/2 X 8 inch albumen print. $75.00)

 and some of them had these funny little wagons where people  changed into their bathing suits. 

(Anonymous. English Changing Wagons. 3 X 3 1/2 inch albumen print. Light tones. $45.00)

english1.jpg (9336 bytes)  

When we change here, we do things a little differently. 

 bs4.jpg (12529 bytes)

(Anonymous. Real Photo Postcard. 3 1/2 X 5 1/2 inch silver print. Some surface marks and stains. $45.00)


When it was really too hot and I couldn't go anywhere very far, my friends and I got together rolled up our pants, took off our shoes and went into a wading pool,

wading pool.JPG (12170 bytes)

(Anonymous. The Wading Pool. 3 1/4 X 4 1/4 inch silver print. $25.00)

 or we just jumped into a fountain along with a lot of other kids to  cool off.  fountain1.JPG (30883 bytes)It worked and  it was really, really neat.

 fountain2.JPG (26452 bytes)

(Anonymous. Two 8 X 10 inch silver prints. Philadelphia. Some discoloration. $60.00 each)

We also had our share of picnics with lots of good stuff to eat. My cousin Vinny wrote to me from Washington which is very far away.  He had gone to a fair and wanted to send me a picture of the Tilt-A-Whirl that he'd taken a ride on. 

fair.jpg (25799 bytes)

(Anonymous Real Photo Postcard. Western Wash Fair Puyallup Wash. Sold )

It made me feel very adventurous and I told dad that I wanted to go mountain climbing.
riefenstahl1.JPG (17551 bytes)

(Anonymous. Leni Riefenstahl (TNB). Real Photo Postcard. Autographed on Recto. $225.00)

But,  my father said that it was too dangerous and rented the  video of Alive instead. 









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  April 19, 2014

An  assortment of  19th and 20th century photographs 
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